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Find out what’s happening in your community with our latest issue of Living Today.

August 13 / 2017

The Winter edition of Living Today is filled with information for first home buyers, community updates and guides to the fantastic local areas surrounding our communities. 

Dacland gets into the Nitty Gritty of the State Government’s first home buyer incentives, to explain what your eligible for and how you can make the most of it at Manzeene Village. 

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First home? Make Manzeene Village your first choice!

June 30 / 2017

Lara just skyrocketed up the list for great locations to build your first home with a massive $20,000* First Home Owners Grant and removal of stamp duty applicable from July 1. Already emerging as a location to watch, Lara just became even more affordable suburb for first home buyers.

The State Government has increased the First Home Owner Grant to $20,000* when a first home buyer builds their new home in Regional Victoria, and removed stamp duty costs on all properties below $600,000* for first home buyers. Dacland Managing Director John C. Dwyer, believes that new incentives for first home buyers will benefit purchasers at Manzeene Village.

“There’s never been a better time to enter the market, The doubling of the First Home Owners Grant for regional Victoria provides a great incentive for buyers to check out Lara. With Lara emerging as a hot spot for new home buyers, the grants applicability to newly built homes means that Manzeene Village is a great place to start out,”said John.

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The latest edition of Living Today.

February 27 / 2017

The latest edition of Living Today is packed with information for new home buyers. We’re excited about the year ahead, with the first homes already under construction at Rothwell in Tarneit and King’s Leigh in Werribee, and first land titles imminent at other Dacland Communities including Manzeene Village. Local homebuyers tell us why they decided to build in a Dacland community and this issue offers some great interior design tips on planning your open plan living space. For these stories and more read the latest edition.

Family needs are front and centre at Dacland’s new Manzeene Village community in Lara.

December 05 / 2016

Family needs are front and centre at Dacland’s new Manzeene Village community in Lara. “Why would I want to live here with my family” is the first question Dacland’s Managing Director asks himself when he creates a new community. Read more about Dacland’s approach in a recent article published in the Herald Sun’s Best of Melbourne Estates publication.

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The Spring edition of Living Today includes plenty of great information for home buyers.

December 02 / 2016

Dacland renews its partnership with the Western Bulldogs to promote healthy active lifestyles in the west, we look at how successful communities are formed and this issue includes some inspirational home design tips. We also speak to homeowners at Manzeene Village in Lara about why they decided to buy in a Dacland community.

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Choice is clear at Manzeene Village

November 02 / 2016

Homebuyers often make trade-offs when looking for an affordable home with access to everything they need. That’s why many homebuyers are choosing Manzeene Village which offers large lots from $165,000, an easy commute to Melbourne and Geelong, and a great lifestyle close to the bush and the beach.

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Recent Stories

Lara’s location a boon for buyers – Saturday October 15th

October 15 / 2016

Manzeene Village homebuyer, Daniel Mayall is one of many homebuyers choosing to live in Lara for easy access to both Melbourne and Geelong. The Geelong Advertiser recently looked at commuting and identified Lara as a great spot to buy.

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Love Coming Home to Manzeene Village

October 14 / 2016

First time homebuyers Lauren and Max are excited to call Manzeene Village home. For Lauren it’s a long-awaited return to Lara, where she grew up.

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Getting in early – Manzeene Village appeals to young homebuyers

August 26 / 2016

Manzeene Village is an attractive and affordable option for savvy young home buyers who are getting into the housing market early to create equity to buy another home in the future. The Geelong Advertiser’s GT magazine recently featured Lara local and Manzeene Village home buyer, Daniel Mayall, who talks about the benefits of getting into the housing market early.

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Living Today Winter 2016

August 04 / 2016

In this issue of Living Today there’s something for everyone. We take a look at indoor/outdoor living spaces and why verandas are so good. Living Today speaks to different types of homebuyers including a young buyer investing at Manzeene Village and a couple looking forward to moving back to Lara.

For all this and more read the latest edition of Dacland’s Living Today.

Teaming up with the Western Bulldogs

August 02 / 2016

Geelong couple David and Dee Baxter, winners of Dacland’s trip to Cairns with the Western Bulldogs, recently returned from their trip relaxed after holidaying, dining and footy in Queensland.

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Lara kids train with the Western Bulldogs

July 25 / 2016

A group of Lara Football Club junior players sharpened their skills with the help of Western Bulldogs players at Dacland’s pop-up clinic at Whitten Oval on 21 July 2016.

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Designer for a day

July 15 / 2016

Melton Secondary College student Milly Wall recently put her passion for design to good use when she became part of Dacland’s design team for a day.

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Cairns trip – we have a winner!

June 08 / 2016

Congratulations to David and Dee Baxter of Geelong West who have won a VIP holiday in Cairns courtesy of Manzeene Village! Their prize includes return tickets to Cairns travelling with the Western Bulldogs, reserved seating and match day function at the Bulldogs vs Gold Coast Round 17 AFL game, and a high seas adventure including a full day of deep sea fishing and snorkelling. All the best to David and Dee – have a fabulous holiday. We can’t wait to see the pictures when you get back.

Living Today Autumn 2016

May 25 / 2016

Living Today takes a look at how Dacland uses intelligent design to help build strong communities. We celebrate construction starting at Manzeene Village and find out why this new community appeals to first home buyers Shari and Andrew. Check out tips on interior decorating and details on how to win a trip to Cairns with the Western Bulldogs. For all this and more read the latest edition of Dacland’s Living Today.

Ongoing Partnership with Lara Chamber Of Commerce

May 15 / 2016

The Chamber’s aim is to provide a improved service to their members and the Lara community. To view more, click here

Landowners unite for village development

May 05 / 2016

A Plan hatched at a barbecue more than 15 years ago has reaped rewards for a group of Lara landowners behind a new residential development in the growing suburb.

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Manzeene Village rain gardens to enhance local environment

April 22 / 2016

Manzeene Village in Lara is to feature two rain gardens which will create a beautiful natural environment and improve water quality in the surrounding area.

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Ground breaking celebration at Manzeene Village

April 01 / 2016

An enthusiastic gathering of new home purchasers, landowners and locals came together recently to celebrate the start of construction at Dacland’s Manzeene Village in Lara – a community born of a unique partnership.

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Lara landowners unite to build a new residential development

March 24 / 2016

A plan hatched at a barbecue more than 15 years ago has reaped rewards for a group of Lara landowners behind a new residential development in the growing suburb.

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Construction Begins

March 17 / 2016

Construction is now underway at Manzeene Village, Dacland’s new residential community in Lara. It’s a significant milestone for this ground-breaking community that began as a bold idea at a barbeque more than 15 years ago.

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Construction Commenced

February 10 / 2016

Some exciting news from Dacland this week – construction is now underway at Manzeene Village!

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